ES is a proven, redemptive, strategic FRAMEWORK coupled with practical TOOLS that will transform a business into a high impact enterprise. The TOOLS are proven processes and procedures that have been developed over the last 25 years to provide practical application to the philosophical framework.



Enterprises that have embraced and implemented the ES Framework have demonstrated a significant impact. Financial returns have exceeded risk-adjusted returns for comparable companies. Social impact for the common good has been acknowledged by many as best in class. And operating a company based on a Higher Purpose guided by Biblical Principles provides a foundation of integrity and character for all regardless of a person’s religious world view. 


Request the White Paper on Enterprise Stewardship. Your introduction to the redemptive, strategic FRAMEWORK and why business should have high impact.


A High Impact LIFE challenges you to examine your Purpose, live with great Passion, and leverage your God given Platform (your vocational calling). 


High Impact Habits is the Companion Guide to

A High Impact LIFE. This curriculum walks you through eight life-changing lessons challenging you to KNOW, BELIEVE, and DO life differently. By the end of the book you'll have an annual life plan, a weekly strategy, and a daily execution habit to help you transform the way you are living life.


Our free annual plan will help you make the most of your year. The plan will help you reflect on three main questions: 

  • Why do I exist? 

  • How do I live? 

  • What am I called to do?


The plan will also allow you to set goals around four key areas: Character, Connection, Competence, and Commitment. 


The High Impact Summit was held on October 1 -3 to explore Best Practices for how leaders can impact the world for Christ using the platform of business. The Summit was by invitation only.


Our desire is to equip college students with the passion, knowledge, and tools to impact the world for Christ. Sign up to get our annual plan and our high impact leader quarterly newsletter. 

Enterprise Stewardship is a strategic framework coupled with proven practical tools that drive personal and business transformation.

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