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Enterprise Stewardship


Enterprise Stewardship was born out of the idea that Kingdom-minded business leaders should use their platform of business to pursue more than just the economic bottom line. Most Christian owners know WHY they should use their platform to promote human flourishing, but many question HOW to live gospel principles out in their business.

Based on 40-Years of Experience, High Impact Life and High Impact Business equips Enterprise Stewards with a purpose-driven framework delivered through our intuitive Online learning system, expert coaching, and proven practical tools.

Capital III

Capital III is an impact investment company with investments in the US and Central America. 

The purpose of Capital III is to be a catalyst for flourishing, creating not only economic capital but also social and spiritual capital. 

Over the last forty years, Capital III has stewarded companies in the energy, manufacturing, and service sectors, frequently focusing on places devoid of human flourishing such as prisons and poverty-stricken countries.

Pete Ochs



Pete Ochs is an author, investor, entrepreneur, and chief steward of Capital III. Pete’s passion in life is to educate, equip, and empower business leaders worldwide to live for something greater than themselves by using their business platform to impact the world for Christ.   To further this end, Pete has written two books, High Impact LIFE and High Impact Business, providing a personal and business transformation framework. 


Alana McWilliams

Director of Public Relations

Alana McWilliams is the director of public relations at Enterprise Stewardship and helps develop resources to educate, equip, and empower leaders to have a high impact. She provides strategic focus, operational efficiency, and cultivates meaningful relationships for the organization. When she is not shaping ES messaging, she is raising three children with her husband in Abilene, Kansas.


Benjamin Smithee

Chief Marketing Officer

Ben is an Entrepreneur with a passion to inspire and empower people to create generational success and integrity. He has created and led 3 successful consulting firms and agencies and had the honor of working with some of the most well-known brands around the world. He is a frequent keynote speaker and lives in Dallas with his wife, Nicole, and their daughter.


Kevin Miller

HIB Expert Coach

Kevin is a leading brand strategist, growth consultant, and main street entrepreneur. For the last two decades, he's launched and owned businesses and led several growth-stage organizations in key executive roles. Kevin has a diverse leadership background in multiple industries including most recently, C-Suite executive education and coaching. Kevin currently lives in San Antonio, Texas, where he, his wife Beth, and his two college-aged sons enjoy a wide variety of outdoor adventure activities and, of course, tacos.

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