High Impact BUSINESS is a principle-driven, business operating system designed to transform your business into a catalyst for flourishing.

HIB leads with biblical principles that will drive your leadership team and business forward to not only become more profitable, but more impactful in your calling.


Proven System

Our proven system of Learning, Expert Coaches, and Interactive Tools will help your business:

  • Increase financial profitability
  • Create a positive impact in your team and in your community
  • Utilize your organization to share the Good News of Jesus

Learn how both PROFIT and PURPOSE can exist and thrive in your business, and how you can truly live out your calling as a Leader!

Principle-Driven Framework

Clarity in your business comes with a concise Framework that incorporates values and best business practices.

The High Impact Business Framework consists of four drivers: Principles, People, Practices, and Performance and four disciplines: Purpose, Strategy, Operations, and Execution.

Our offerings are designed to serve companies at each stage of business growth and development. 

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Implementation Cycle



People, Practices & Performance Assessments to bring great clarity to organizational health.


The online curriculum educates your Team on the Disciplines and Drivers required.


Proven Tools create practical application driving organizational performance improvement.


Experienced Coaches catalyze the process driving clarity, accountability, and team success.

Solutions at Every Stage

Our offerings have been customized for each stage of business— whether you're a solo-entrepreneur or ready to scale.

The HIB system and tools evolve as your organization becomes more sophisticated and requires more comprehensive tools and coaching:


Startups to 10 Employees

  • High Impact LIFE Study
  • Business Framework Tools
  • 4 Disciplines Tool
  • 4 Drivers of Business Tools
  • Business Assessment
  • Social Spiritual Plan
  • 5 Hours of Coaching



10 - 50 Employees

  • Every item included in Basic PLUS
  • Team Assessment
  • Unique Solution Tool
  • Decision Matrix
  • Navigation Dashboards and Tools
  • Culture Framework
  • Product/Service Tool
  • 20 Total hours of Coaching


50+ Employees

  • Everything included in Build PLUS
  • Leadership Framework

  • Culture Tools

  • Cash Flow Models

  • Lean Operations Tools

  • 40 Total hours of Coaching



Purpose and Profit.

Let us help you build a High Impact Business.

High Impact Business was born out of the idea that God is calling us to a higher purpose of business. To use this system successfully, it requires using the disciplines and drivers of business. This system is right for you if:

  • You are ready to integrate your faith into your business.
  • You and your leadership team are ready to think about doing business differently.
  • You are ready to spend time and energy to proceed with excellence.

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