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Team Meeting

Inspiring Enterprise Stewards to Build
High Impact Businesses

How will you align your leadership and team to reflect your principles and create lasting impact for God's glory?

Transformative Habits

Authentic Connection

Shared Purpose

At Enterprise Stewardship, we understand that true business transformation begins with the transformation of its leaders. That's why our approach goes beyond conventional strategies, focusing on nurturing transformed leaders who embody our principles.


Through our comprehensive personal and business framework, we empower leaders to integrate faith into every aspect of their professional lives, fostering not just financial success, but a Kingdom-minded triple bottomline that creates economic, social, and spiritual capital.

High Impact LIFE is designed to foster transformative experiences, enabling individuals to forge genuine connections and embrace a shared purpose.


Transforming Your Culture

HIL Book.png

A High Impact LIFE  was developed so that leaders and teams can create flourishing. If you are to have a transformed business, it requires transformed people.

Enterprise Stewardship offers a comprehensive nine-week study to build team cohesion and align your team around purpose. This transformative program includes: A High Impact LIFE, online videos, annual plan cards, High Impact Planning journal, and High Impact Wisdom, a 16-week devotional. These resources provide a structured framework for individuals and teams to cultivate transformative habits, foster deeper connections, and work towards a shared vision of purpose-driven success.


Strengthen Your Team with

Christ-Centered Wisdom

By integrating faith with team dynamics, we emphasize spiritual growth as a fundamental pillar of team development. Our program is designed to align your leadership's actions with Christ-centered principles, ensuring that the path to corporate success is both ethically guided and strategically sound-- and it starts with the High Impact LIFE Group Study.


Discover the Potential

Discover how teams like yours are achieving unparalleled cohesion and purpose through alignment.


Christ-Centered Principles

Immerse your team in the principles that matter.


Transform Together

Plan cards, journal, and core questions help to solidify your team's growth and unity.

Lead Group

Lead your own LIFE Group

Are you looking for a leadership study to help align your team? Step up to lead your own High Impact LIFE group within our organization. As a group leader, you'll leverage foundational principles—Honor God, Serve People, Pursue Excellence, and Steward Capital—to foster a transformative environment in your organization. Our program equips you to steward not just projects, but LIFE itself—your team’s Labor, Influence, Finances, and Expertise.


In this role, you will facilitate sessions, choose questions that fit your organization and begin to drive the application of these core values in both personal and professional spheres.

As a life group leader, you will receive:


  • Comprehensive Outline: A detailed outline to guide your group's journey.

  • Leader Guide: A leader guide to help you facilitate meaningful conversations.

  • Online Videos: Access to online videos that provide insights and shape discussions.

  • Empowerment Materials: Materials to empower you as a leader, including planning tools, and additional resources.


Ready to make a difference? Join us and lead your own life group today!

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