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Helping you do Business Differently

In a world chasing the next quarter, we want to help you build and scale for the next generation. Let your venture not just be a testament to success but a legacy of faith and enduring impact. 

Enterprise Stewardship


We view business as an ENTERPRISE; an important project requiring effort, innovation and risk.


We believe that business should be guided by a STEWARD; a person who is entrusted to faithfully manage the property of another. 

Proven Tools

On-Demand Learning

Expert Coaching

Enterprise Stewardships helps Kingdom-minded businesses, founders, entrepreneurs, C-Suite teams, and investors grow and scale their businesses with proven, practical tools based on a faith-based framework. We help integrate faith and business to help our clients become profitable and purposeful.

Founded by Pete Ochs, Enterprise Stewardship aims to equip businesses with the tools to scale effectively, addressing each stage of growth from start-up to established enterprise. For businesses seeking a robust, integrated approach that scales both their mission and financial success, Enterprise Stewardship offers a powerful solution.

We provide a holistic framework that merges purpose with practical financial and operational planning, ensuring that all aspects of the business are aligned and moving forward together. This strategy is not just about immediate problem-solving, but about building long-term, businesses that multiply economic, social, and spiritual capital.

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Our Story
Our Principles



Honor God is the first principle because it defines our ultimate purpose both in the enterprise and as stewards.



Service to others is the ultimate recognition of our desire to live for something greater than ourselves.



Excellence honors God and inspires people. Excellence should be the hallmark of a high impact company.



Stewardship is how we demonstrate to the world our faith in God and our commitment to Him. 

Our Principles

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Our Team

Expert Coaches

Our coaches excel in helping you practically apply the High Impact Business Operating System into your daily business operations. They ensure that these tools are not only understood but are effectively used to enhance productivity, strategic alignment, and team engagement. Our coaches provide support and accountability as you learn the system. They help you track progress, make necessary adjustments, and stay committed to your goals, ensuring sustainable long-term success.

Internal Team

Meet our Team

Our core Enterprise Stewardship team provides support and accountability as you learn the system, helping you track progress, make necessary adjustments, and stay committed to your goals, ensuring sustainable long-term success.

Our Services

Our Services

High Impact Business system spans a broad spectrum of business sizes and backgrounds. This diversity allows us to tailor our strategies and solutions to meet the unique needs of each client, regardless of their stage of growth or operational scale.



  • High Impact Basic is ideal for startups or small companies aiming to root their business in purpose.

  • Gain foundational business knowledge and install basic tools that simplify business operations.

  • Start building a business that grows with purpose and begins to harness economic, social, and spiritual capital.

  • Transition from working in the business to working on the business.​



  • High Impact Build is suited for startups or SMBs with a team of 3-5 executive leaders.

  • Develop a team capable of making decisions that are aligned with core principles.

  • Learn to cultivate a life-giving culture, refine your strategy, enhance operational excellence, and increase stewardship of entrusted capital.

  • Access a broader range of content, tools, resources, and coaching, tailored to the maturity of your team and business.



  • High Impact Scale is designed for larger organizations with a comprehensive executive team of leaders.

  • Custom solutions to align a full executive team and scale the business through transitions.

  • Learn advanced business principles and practices to deepen your purpose, solidify your culture, optimize operations, and multiply your capitals.

  • Comes with a comprehensive suite of content, tools, resources, and coaching to support every aspect of building a thriving business.​

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Voices of Impact

Hear From Our Community: Real Stories of Transformation and Success from Our Valued Clients.

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Request our Assessment

Ready to identify opportunities for growth. This assessment is meticulously designed to identify the core areas where you can grow in your business—Purpose, Strategy, Operations, and Execution.

Take the Assessment: Begin by completing a comprehensive business assessment with your

leadership team. This evaluation focuses on the four key disciplines of business: Purpose, Strategy, Operations, and Execution. It's designed to pinpoint your current strengths and areas for growth.


Review your Results: Our team will provide a summary of your top ten and bottom ten areas for growth and improvement.


Schedule a Debrief: After the assessment, we'll arrange a debrief session. This will be an opportunity to discuss your results in detail, providing insights and clarity on your business's current positioning within the four key disciplines.

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