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High Impact LIFE Study

A transformed LIFE starts by answering three all important questions:   

• Do I Know my Purpose?

• Do I understand my Passions?

• Do I love my Platform?

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What is it?

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The HIL Planning System is  a Nine-Week study that includes the following tools 

• A High Impact LIFE Book

• Online videos

• LIFE Planning System

• HIL  Planning Journal

• HIL 90 day Devotional Book

How does it Work?

Using the A High Impact Life Book and Online study guide you will be inspired and equipped to develop three transformative habits.


Personal Plan

Your Annual Personal Plan will clarify you Purpose, Passions, Platform using a series of reflective questions.


Weekly Strategy

Your Weekly Strategy will help you separate the urgent from the important bringing clarity, focus, and peace of mind.


Daily Execution

Your Daily Execution will bring you closer to God and instill the accountability that is needed daily for achieving your goals. 

Who is it for?


High Impact LIFE is the perfect complement to High Impact Business as it will transform a company’s culture by transforming its team members. 


It is perfect for small groups at church or work who want to integrate their faith and work. 


Please contact us for group discount pricing.

Inside a Train

Jon Tice


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Enhance Your Impact through Small Group Study of

High Impact LIFE 

Craft Your Personal LIFE Plan

Dive deep into self-discovery as you create a personalized LIFE Plan to help you align your actions with your aspirations.


Harness the Power of Weekly Strategy

Discover the transformative influence of weekly strategic planning. Learn how to distinguish the important from the urgent.


Cultivate Daily Execution Habits

Master the art of daily execution, a cornerstone of enhanced productivity and maximize your potential.

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