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Spiritual capital defines the moral code by which we live and ultimately is the purpose for living. It defines our why. For those of us who are Christians, it requires our whole-hearted allegiance to living faithful lives devoted to growing in our personal relationship to Jesus Christ and in obedience to His Word. 

Spiritual capital is essential because it lays down the rules by which we create economic and social capital. Capitalism without a moral code results in greed. Capitalism with God results in generosity. Government without a moral code results in totalitarianism. Government with God results in political freedom. When God is taken out of our culture it creates a moral vacuum that must be filled. Most often this vacuum is filled with GOVERNMENT (rules and regulations) instead of GOD (self-governance), often leading to a loss of religious, political, and economic freedom. If spiritual capital is essential for flourishing, here then is the question for those of us in business. 

How do we, using the platform of business, take part in living out the Great Commission? 
•    How do we winsomely share the love of Jesus with our team members? 
•    How do we create a spirit of camaraderie without establishing a quid pro quo? 
•    How do we honor God in all we do? 
•    How do we publicly profess the name of Jesus to all we encounter? 

Spiritual capital creation should be our answer to sharing the Great Commission. 

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