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Pete Ochs on Generous Business Owner Podcast

In this enlightening episode of the Generous Business Owner Podcast, hosts Jeff and Jeff join Pete Ochs to explore the transformative power of mentorship and stewardship in business and life. They delve into the significant impact of having mentors from different stages of life—older, younger, and peer—and discuss the integration of faith with business practices, particularly emphasizing the importance of trusting God and honoring His Sabbath.

The conversation highlights that stewardship extends beyond mere generosity, encompassing a creative approach to contributing positively to society. Key takeaways from the episode include the invaluable lesson of teaching children the virtue of generosity, the intertwined nature of business and faith, and the benefits of setting high expectations to inspire pride and excellence in one’s work.

Pete Ochs: "We believe that the purpose of business is to create economic, social, and spiritual capitals, not just to maximize shareholder value, but it has to be a catalyst for flourishing."

To deepen your understanding of faith-driven business and enhance your business-as-mission calling, explore High Impact Business. Connect with one of our team members.


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