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Online Curriculum

High Impact Business Online Curriculum is your roadmap to success, guiding you through four disciplines of business: purpose, strategy, operations, and execution.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, executive, or aspiring business leader, this online curriculum, paired with our High Impact Business book and powerful tools, empowers you to achieve economic, social, and spiritual impact.

The Tools

The Practical Tools empower businesses to make principled and data-driven decisions within the Hight Impact Business Framework. Clients track performance of 5 Critical Success Factors: Navigation, Culture, Customers, Product, and Cash.


5 Critical Success Factors

We specialize help empower you in these key areas.


  • Develop a high-performing leadership team.

  • Establish key meeting rhythms for improved communication.

  • Develop strategic and operating plans to achieve more.


  • Foster a cultural plan around Christ-centered principles

  • Align recruiting, hiring, and onboarding strategies with your values

  • Develop social and spiritual plan to impact your team


  • Identify your ideal customers.

  • Design your unique solution.

  • Clearly define your company for brand excellence. 


  • Clearly define critical success factors and benchmarks to guide delivery.

  • Asses and enhance your people, process, and performance improve efficiency.

  • Prioritize the key elements of lean systems.


  • Understand the importance of creating and retaining cash.

  • Cash flow modeling tool that gives you RealTime valuation snapshot.

  • Identify and monitor relevant KPIs with scoreboards to share.

Sustained Growth

High Impact Business tools ensure your company is delivering inspired purpose, visionary strategy, excellent operations, and disciplined execution to your customers every day. 

  • RealTime Planning Meeting Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly with agendas

  • Budgeting and cash flow around your KPIs with company valuation

  • Strategic planning made simple for effective decision making

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