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Over the last 20 years Capital III has been in pursuit of being a High Impact Business. As we began to formalize our approach to operating our businesses differently, we began to call our model Enterprise Stewardship, which means stewarding God's enterprise with Character, Competence, Commitment and Connection.  


Capital III is an impact investing enterprise with a vision to promote flourishing by creating economic, social, and spiritual capital in private companies. Located in Wichita, Kansas, Capital III provides a triple bottom line approach to enterprises in manufacturing, real estate, energy, and education with a geographical focus on the US and Latin America.   Economic capital is created through investments in manufacturing, energy, and real estate.  Social and Spiritual capital are created by leveraging the economic platform into venues including private education, prisons, and third world countries.  All three forms of capital work in concert to achieve a virtuous, values driven stewardship enterprise. Capital III has pioneered a proven model that results in top tier financial performance, breakthrough strategies for impacting the common good, and a culture driven by purpose and passion. 


At Capital III we have a Character driven, Competent, Connected, and Committed team that shows up every day with the intention to impact our world in a new and better way. Over the last 20 years we have worked diligently to create companies driven by the Enterprise Stewardship model.  We are ready and willing to help you on your journey to personal and business transformation. 

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