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A transformative guide that equips businesses with the tools they need to build a business that outlast themselves







Building Lasting Legacy through High Impact Business 

In today's fast-paced business world, many leaders find themselves caught in a cycle of short-term gains and immediate exits, losing sight of the potential for their businesses to leave a lasting legacy. They face a myriad of challenges that not only threaten the immediate success of their ventures but also undermine the enduring impact they dream of. 

High Impact Business will help you avoid: 

  • Uninspiring purpose fails to unite employees

  • Strategy is mismatch with the company's purpose

  • Inefficient operations hinder scaling

  • Poor execution risks failure

  • Weak culture leads to disengaged team members

  • Mismanaged cash flow stunts growth

  • Misaligned leadership slows decisions







Who should read this book?

This book is ideal for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives looking to cultivate a life-giving company culture, refine their growth strategy, enhance operational excellence, and responsibly manage their capital for sustainable growth.

How will this book impact me?

This book will help your business by providing a comprehensive framework to establish a strong, principled foundation that guides every decision and action your business takes and equip your leadership team with the tools and insights needed to have economic, social, and spiritual impact.

What's Inside

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Dive into the High Impact Business Framework to learn how to create a purpose-driven organization, align company values with personal values, and understand the role principled leadership plays in shaping a flourishing business.


Designed to empower leaders with practical tools, this book introduces a cutting-edge cash flow tool featuring real-time evaluation and a decision matrix tailored to facilitate decisions aligned with core principles. Every tool ties back to our framework to ensure principles are incorporated into the implementation of your operational and strategic planning.

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Providing step-by-step guidance on executing high-impact strategies, from initial concept through to successful implementation leaders will learn how to navigate 5 critical success factors, develop realtime navigation rythym while maintaining alignment with their core purpose and values.

Ready to Bring High Impact Business To Your Team?

Don't just read about change, but to actively supercharge your business's journey towards significant economic, social, and spiritual impact, it's time to take the next step.


Connect with our team of executive-level, kingdom-minded advisors today. Our expert coaching is designed to help you seamlessly implement the High Impact Business operating system, transforming your strategies, operations, and culture at an accelerated pace.

Start building a High Impact Business with our guided support.

About The Author

Pete Ochs is the author of High Impact Business and the Chief Steward of Enterprise Stewardship. His goal is to inspire and equip faith-driven entrepreneurs to build legacy companies that foster flourishing. During his four decades in business, he has invested in and operated companies in the energy, manufacturing, banking, and education sectors. 

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