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Stewarding capital is the last of the four principles but certainly not the least.  Stewardship is how we demonstrate to the world our faith in God and our unwavering commitment to live for Him and not ourselves.  God owns it all so are we living like He really owns it?

Perspective means to see clearly.  It is the ability to see something in its true relative importance to everything else.  Perspective is a head thing.  It is simply how you view your life in relationship to the Creator.  Do you view yourself as the Creator or the created. 

Integrity is the adherence to a set of beliefs or a moral code.  It is rooted in faith, it is a heart issue.  

Generosity is the ultimate outcome of knowing that God owns it all and believing it with all of our heart.  It allows us to demonstrate the love and power of God himself to a suspicious world.  It is the culmination of a high impact LIFE because it allows us to put God before ourselves, others before ourselves, need before wants, and people before money. 

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