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The greatest calling on earth is to serve people as did Jesus, even to the point of giving His life for you and me.  Service to others is the ultimate recognition of our desire to live for something greater than ourselves.   Connection is the character trait that allows one to Serve People in extraordinary ways.  Connected leaders bring vision, humility, and courage to a team effort. 

The importance of a God given vision cannot be overstated for without it, people will lose their way.  A God given vision will magnify your purpose,  ignite your passion,  and leverage your platform. 

Humility has nothing to do with being weak, meek, or indecisive.  Humility is knowing that your identity depends not on yourself but on almighty God and consequently, all you have and all you do is because of God’s grace.  

Courage is not a spur of the moment impulsive action but a predetermined choice to live by a certain standard, regardless of the cost.  Courage is a result of conviction which is a result of knowing the Truth and believing it with all of your heart. 

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