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Excellence honors God and inspires men. Excellence should be the hallmark of a high impact company. All we do, all our processes, every product we make, every relationship we develop should be done with excellence. The character trait associated with excellence is competence. Competent managers bring Expertise, Innovation, and Discipline to a team effort.



Expertise is a head thing. It is the first step in your pursuit of excellence. Without it you will never become excellent. It often times follows your God given talents and abilities. But it also takes great commitment on your part.


Innovation means to renew or change. And consequently, it is a heart thing because it requires your undivided devotion to create it. Without constant innovation your enterprise will always be at risk of falling behind. And the most important reason we should be innovators, is because God himself was the ultimate innovator.



Discipline is an ugly 10 letter word. We don’t like it but without it we are doomed to living a life of mediocrity. God loves us so much that he is willing to allow us to go through various trials so that we become disciplined in depending on Him.

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