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Planning Your 2020

Someone far wiser than us coined the phrase, “People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.”

Maybe you had a productive 2019 at work, but your home life was left wanting. Or perhaps, you have some big ideas about how you want to develop your natural giftings. Perhaps God is prompting you to think BIGGER and make changes in your life, but you're not sure where to start.

We know that you can not have a high impact LIFE that maximizes your labor, influence, finances, and expertise by just hoping to have an impact. You need a plan. We've developed our Annual Plan to help you create flourishing in your life and those around you.

Step 1:

Download and print our Annual Plan here.

This plan will help you define your Purpose, live with great Passion, and leverage your God-given Platform. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a day and underestimate what they can achieve in a year.

Step 2:

Spend some time thinking about the questions, “Why do I exist? How do I live? What am I called to do?” Use the questions and prompts to list out to write out a personal mission statement and impact 50 vision. If you're interested in delving deeper into this question, pick up your copy of A High Impact LIFE.

Step 3:

Use the self-assessment tool and life wheel to evaluate areas in your life that are in a state of crisis or flourishing. We suggest using highlighters or colors that will show through so you can assess at least once more during the year.

Use your platform planning sheet to set goals for how you can grow in each area.

Step 4:

Use the weekly strategy sheet and a running to-do list to help plan out each week. We suggest choosing a weekly virtue, intention, or scripture to meditate on each week.

Step 5:

Work your way through the finances and personal budget sheets. Be mindful of the weekly check-ins. Make sure you have time to meet with your running buddy or spouse to review your intention.

Step 6:

Look at your plan at the beginning of each week. Review your plan quarterly and add or amend goals as needed.

As you think about 2020, please remember that you can't anticipate every success or setback that faces you. However, you can think about what motivates you and where you want to end up. You get to make the most of each obstacle or blessing. If you've taken the time to think ahead about what your goals are -- you're one step ahead in thinking about WHY you want to respond a certain way.

Best of Luck!

If you want to go deeper, pick up your copy of A High Impact LIFE or High Impact Habits.

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