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We inspire and equip
Enterprise Stewards

To build High Impact

For the glory of God

A Grander Vision


What We Do

We help you...

Improve Financial

Economic Capital

Measure your cash flow, position your business in the top 20% of your industry and embrace financial generosity.

Inspire Great

Social Capital

Elevate your team with shared principles and community impact by fostering a culture that resonates with authenticity and purpose.   

Integrate Your
Faith and Work  

Spiritual Capital

 Live your faith at work cultivating authentic connections so your team experience genuine relationships that reflect Christ's love in your workplace.

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How it Works

How It Works


You will learn a

proven FRAMEWORK used by successful impact companies based on the key drivers of PRINCIPLES, PEOPLE & PRACTICES. 


Our team will provide an in- depth ASSESSMENT of your People, Practices, and Profit providing a baseline for future planning. 



Each week using an ON-DEMAND CURRICULUM, your team will learn MBA-level, Best-Business Practices with hands on tools.    


Every 2 weeks results oriented COACHES will identify strengths and weaknesses and help your team execute and implement the system.   

Who is High Impact Business for?

High Impact Business is a Principled Operating System built to scale with your company.  If you are a startup or small company, start with BASIC and as you grow, we will continue to provide you with additional systems and tools that will allow you to scale your profits, influence, and the Good News. 

We Grow With You

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