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A transformative guide to empowers individuals with the strategies they need to transform themselves and reshape their company culture

Live for Something

Greater than Yourself

Strategies to 
Transform your Life

Actionable Plan to

Help You Flourish

Transform Your Life with the High Impact LIFE System

Embark on a nine-week journey that promises not just to change how you plan your days, but to revolutionize the way you live your life. The High Impact LIFE Planning System is designed to guide you through a profound exploration of your purpose, goals, and daily actions, ensuring that every aspect of your life aligns with your deepest values and purpose.


  • The High Impact LIFE Book: Dive into a comprehensive guide that challenges you to rethink your life's direction and equips you with the knowledge to make impactful changes.

  • Online Videos: Access a series of engaging videos that complement your reading, offering additional insights and practical advice to enhance your journey.

  • LIFE Planning System: Implement a proven system that bridges the gap between your dreams and your daily actions, turning aspirations into realities.

  • HIL Planning Journal: Record your reflections, progress, and breakthroughs in a dedicated journal designed to be your personal roadmap to success.

  • HIL 16-Week Devotional Book: Start each day with focus and inspiration, using devotions that align your spiritual growth with your life goals.

Who should read this book?

This book is a must-read for Kingdom-minded business owners, executives, and thought leaders who are driven to infuse their work with deeper meaning and purpose. It serves as a foundational piece for shaping organizational culture, encouraging leaders and their teams to align their professional pursuits with their core values and beliefs. By walking you through three key habits—Annual Personal Plan, Weekly Strategy, and Daily Execution—this guide aims to bring clarity and significance to the vital areas of your LIFE: Labor, Influence, Financial Resources, and Expertise.

How will this book impact my team?

The book emphasizes the importance of serving more intently, showing how a well-considered plan can enhance your ability to maximize your contributions across all facets of your LIFE. Ultimately, by crafting a plan with meaning and focused on these three transformative habits, you will unlock the potential to lead with greater impact, cultivating an environment where both individuals and teams can thrive in alignment with their faith, values, and professional goals.

What's Inside

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Personal Transformation

High Impact LIFE is a transformative concept designed for those seeking to elevate their existence to one of profound significance and fulfillment. It’s about more than just achieving success in the traditional sense; it's about embarking on a journey that intertwines your deepest passions with your life's work, ensuring that every step taken is in alignment with your ultimate purpose.

Annual Planning

Bridging the gap between aspirations and daily actions, the Annual LIFE Plan is more than just a planner; it's a blueprint for multiplying economic, social, and spiritual capital. This system helps you translate your long-term goals into manageable steps, ensuring that every action is aligned with your ultimate objectives.

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Individual or Small Group Study

Implementing these tools in your personal life or within an organization leads to a transformative cultural shift. As individuals align their daily actions with their broader life goals, they become more proactive and purposeful. For organizations, adopting these tools means cultivating a workplace where every member is engaged, motivated, and aligned with the company’s core values and objectives.

Align your Team & Culture with the High Impact LIFE Small Group

By guiding a small group, you'll not only deepen your own understanding of what it means to Love Your Purpose, Live with Passion, and Leverage Your Platform, but you'll also empower your team to discover and pursue their own paths of meaningful success. Together, you'll explore strategies to harmonize personal values with professional ambition, fostering a culture of authenticity, innovation, and impact. Don't just lead your company—transform it.

About The Author

Pete Ochs is the author of High Impact Business and the Chief Steward of Enterprise Stewardship. His goal is to inspire and equip faith-driven entrepreneurs to build legacy companies that foster flourishing. During his four decades in business, he has invested in and operated companies in the energy, manufacturing, banking, and education sectors. 

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